The Word Room installation is an immersive environment comprised of an exterior wall and an interior room.

The exterior wall is covered with circular mirrors in different diameters installed overlappingly at various distances from the wall. The mirrors are printed with words taken from recent speeches on the so-called "war on terrorism" by leading Western politicians. The wall is intensely lit and it creates layers of reflection on the floor and the adjacent walls.

The interior is a dimly lit black room. At its centre are placed a chair and a microphone on a stand. In front of the chair is a programmed slide projection of words. There is another slide projection diagonally on the wall on the left of the chair. The projections are reflected off of a large mirror installed below the ceiling.

The interior room has a graffiti wall covered with Farsi words written in red and white chalk. A band of questions stenciled in red runs on the lower one-third of the next two walls, and the last wall is blank. At the entrance of this room, a chalk box is placed with the instruction for the visitors to take one. The wall surfaces are for the visitors to write on.

The room is filled with a soundscape comprised of four layers: selective words from, a young voice reading from a mid-19th century American Reading Primer, a series of news bites about the American war in Afghanistan recorded from Farsi-language radios, and a live feed from the microphone in the gallery. These sounds are mixed live in the space. When someone speaks in the microphone, their voice becomes integrated in the soundscape and played back four times with various delays.

This installation was first mounted at Janalyn Hanson White Gallery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, from November 12 to December 12, 2001.